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TCS is a vibrant 21st Century Learning Environment; a flexible space for students and staff that encourages collaboration, creativity innovation, and self-discovery.

We encourage our students to be strong advocates for themselves and communicate how they learn best.  It is essential for students to understand their own unique learning styles and be able to take control of their own learning.

Otipemisiwak, meaning be your own boss is a Cree term that Thelma Chalifoux used a great deal with her own family and her Metis community.  Thelma’s message was simple…. ”don’t let other people make decisions for you”.  Envision what you want, make a plan, and work to carry that plan out. This is the same thing we want for all our students here at Thelma Chalifoux School.

To our students, parents, and community:

Welcome to Thelma Chalifoux School for the 2023/2024 school year!

It’s been my great pleasure to take on the role of principal for this burgeoning school in Edmonton’s Public School system. If we have not had the pleasure to meet yet, my name is Shauna Paul, and I am thrilled to be in this new position and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you over the coming weeks and months.

There is so much to be excited about at Thelma Chalifoux School (TCS). As we transitioned back to in-person classes and activities in the fall, I know the students and families were just as delighted as the staff to see our beautiful new building filled with people again. Within the first few weeks, it was already evident that the strength of our community, diversity and the vibrant culture within our school is what makes learning at TCS a fun and inclusive experience for everyone.

Senator Thelma Chalifoux, our school’s namesake, was known for being a strong and independent woman, unwilling to back down from fighting for the issues she cared about. She valued hard work and dedication, which is what eventually landed her in the Senate of Canada. It’s these same values that we hope to instill in our students at TCS as we prepare them for high school and what lies beyond their academic careers. While learning should be fun, we shouldn’t shy away from a little academic rigour. As the old adage goes, “work hard, play hard,” and that’s exactly what we all embrace at TCS. The unique environment of our school gives students the flexibility to learn and get creative while applying themselves to the curriculum. 

Also unique to TCS is our STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Through our vibrant, 21st century learning environment and self-discovery, students are challenged to be innovative, collaborative, and creative. Like all learning at TCS, our STEM program fosters a culture of high academic performance, grit, and resiliency. Our staff delivers all TCS programming with great passion and a high degree of teaching excellence.

Whether you’ve come to TCS for our academics, flexible learning environment, or inviting school culture, you have what it takes to embody the Cree term Otipemisiwak (be your own boss).


All the best for a great future of learning,

Principal Shauna Paul

Our 2023 Open House video is in the works! Stay tuned for more excitement from TCS. Coming mid-February! For the time being, enjoy our 2022 video!