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Thelma Chalifoux School will shift to an OPEN CAMPUS at lunch time for 2022 - 2023. During the lunch hour, students who choose to stay at school for lunch are encouraged to eat at the school in our designated common areas. For students who do choose to eat at school, it is an expectation that they go outside to get fresh air, move their bodies and relax once the first half of lunch is done.


As per Division policy, schools will continue to have morning and afternoon recess breaks, even in bad weather so students should dress appropriately. Students will only be kept inside during recess if:

  • it is raining heavily,
  • temperatures drop to -23 degrees Celsius


Supervision is provided by staff for the entire duration of the lunch break.  At this time, we do not have microwaves or kettles available for student use. Please preheat hot lunches at home and send in thermal containers. Vending machines are available to students during lunch hour.