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Every June, we recognize the spirit of Thelma Chalifoux in a variety of forms at our Awards Celebration. Thelma Chalifoux was determined, courageous, responsible, dedicated, hard-working, and helpful and our Awards Celebration is an opportunity for us to recognize our Senators who exemplify her qualities every day. 

We celebrate the following awards with our Senator community:

  • Honours Awards  - represented by Truth (mis-kuh-nah)
    • We recognize all of our Senators who are dedicated students and achieve 80% and above in all core subjects
  • Tenacity in Academics Awards - represented by Honesty (mista-habu)
    • Teachers nominate students at TCS who work hard every day and consistently put forth a strong effort, though do not reach honors
  • Highest Overall Achievement Awards - represented by Wisdom (amisk)
    • One student in grade 7, 8, and 9 are recognized for obtaining the highest overall average
  • Physical Education Sportsmanship Awards - represented by Respect (basqua-mus-kum)
    • One student is selected by the Physical Education teachers at each grade to receive recognition based on class participation, consistent effort, and positive attitude in class
  • Athlete of the Year Awards - represented by Courage (mus-kwa)
    •  Two TCS student-athletes are selected by coaches based on team involvement, leadership, and performance in their sport(s)
  • Senator Award - represented by Love (kee-hew)
    • The individual who wins the Senator Award displays immense service to their school, is a stand-out leader who students look to, and always puts forth a positive attitude
  • Otipemisiwak Award - represented by Humility (ma-hee-gun)
    • The individual who wins the Otipemisiwak Award is someone who lives by our school motto “be your own boss” and embodies the characteristics of independence & individuality
  • Thelma Chalifoux Award
    • The most prestigious award at TCS is given to an individual who embraces all the characteristics of our namesake, Thelma Chalifoux herself, and is an exemplary ambassador to our school
    • This student is determined, courageous, responsible, dedicated, hard-working, and helpful

When looking at our awards, you will notice that each corresponds with a trait, such as honesty or courage. These traits are from The Seven Sacred Teachings which we at TCS use to guide our daily interactions. The Seven Sacred Teachings help all at Thelma Chalifoux School strive to be their best. Learn more about each teaching below.